Stratos Federal, LLC.

Tools For Success

Work flow Management Solutions

Stratos federal offers a business process management tool uniquely tailored for federal contractors.  A custom-built application that remains flexible enough to grow with the needs of your Government contracting firm and provides a single platform for:

Business Development:

  • Track RFPs  - Expedite Bid no Bid decisions
  • Track RFP Response progress – ensure all aspects of the proposal response are on time and compliant
  • Track leads from opportunity to close
  • Capture customer information
  • Track Marketing campaigns

Outputs / Reporting:

  • Executive Dashboard – Obtain a high-level overview of your data and its activity in real-time
  • Work flows – Assign tasks and automate follow-ups, milestones and tasks to meet every deadline
  • User Reporting – Create your own reports, extract your data and perform different types of data analysis
  • Pre-defined Reports – Execute pre-defined, canned reports customized for your specific program needs
  • Federal Reporting

Document Management

  • Store and organize all documents / data related to each opportunity or contract conveniently and securely.

Workforce Optimization Solutions:

Does your partner eco system know what you are capable of doing? Do you know everything your partners are capable of? Do you know the full extent of the skills of your internal labor force? When you receive a contract, do you which resource is best suited for each task? Stratos can help your organization answer these questions. Our workforce optimization solutions help:

  • Easily capture, track and manage the skill sets of your workforce
  • Without touching a resume, match the right resource to the right job
  • Understand availability, geographic location, billing rate etc. of your labor force.
  • Reassign your “rock star” to a new critical project and identify the best replacement
  • Respond to staff augmentation requests with the best candidate the first time, every time 
  •   Quickly determine if you can staff a project internally or need to reach out to a partner

Understand your partner eco system:

  • Quickly determine teaming strategies
  • Respond faster to joint pursuits
  • Advertise all resource skills to your partners
  • Keep your companies resources at the forefront of partners’ resource managers
  • Share resources confidentially and securely by only exposing certain information
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